Upcoming Events

May 27

Wisdom Wednesday: Marketing Through Cybersecurity Roadblocks

Learn why cybersecurity matters to your A/E/C company, give an overview of some of today's most common hacking methods, and why marketers should care about working within the modern confines of a cyber-secure marketplace.

Jun 3

Playing the RFP game to WIN!

Learn how to get ahead of the reactive RFP rat race in this session by longtime A/E/C industry consultant Frank Lippert, FSMPS, CPSM.

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Jun 9

Emerging Professionals Group: Making Time for Strategic Communication - Internally AND Externally That Is

Learning how to wave the read flag and step back when blurry boundaries lead to missed opportunities or misprioritization

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Jun 10

The B2B Social Media Strategy that Works

Social media is certainly fun and engaging, but when you’re a B2B company you need your social media to go beyond the entertainment factor. Learn how to get direct results.

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covid-19 update

The SMPS Utah Board of Directors has been following the developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, listening to the recommendations from State and local leaders and health departments, and are having ongoing discussions regarding our upcoming events. 

In the best interest of our members, our presenters, and our community, we have suspended our in-person events.

We are regularly exploring options for quality virutal events and will continue to post details as they are available. 

Thank you,
Stephanie Ray
SMPS Utah President