Board of Director Positions

The board year for SMPS Utah runs September 1 through August 31. Nominations for the upcoming board year are held in March of each year. Nominations are open to all members of the Chapter in good standing that meet the criteria for a given position. Self nominations are allowed. For more information on the nomination process, or any of the board positions, please contact our Chapter President, President-Elect, or Immediate Past President

PRESIDENT-ELECT (three-year commitment)

President-Elect (Year 1). The President-Elect learns from the current president and prepares for the next board year, where they will move into the role of Chapter President. The President-Elect is responsible for supervising the development of a yearly business plan with annual operating budget and update the Chapter’s strategic plan for the coming term in which he or she shall become President. The President-Elect shall be responsible for any other duties as may be assigned by the President or Board of Directors. In the absence of the President, the President-Elect shall preside at all meetings of the Chapter, the Board of Directors, or the Executive Committee.

President (Year 2). The Chapter President is the principal officer of the Chapter and exercises general oversight of Chapter affairs and the Board of Directors. The President presides at all meetings of the membership of the Chapter, the Board of Directors, and of the Executive Committee. The President is the principal spokesperson for the Chapter.

Immediate Past President (Year 3). After completion of their year as Chapter President, this person moves into the role of Immediate Past President. In the absence of the President and President-Elect, the Past President presides at all meetings of the Chapter and Board of Directors. The Past President is responsible for updating the Chapter’s Policies and Procedures Manual, and any Bylaws that need to be updated or changes. They are also responsible for preparing and submitting the Chapters’ Striving for Excellence award entry, should the Chapter choose to submit.

TREASURER (two-year commitment)

The Chapter Treasurer is responsible for the finances of the Chapter. They work with the other members of the Board of Directors to establish the annual Chapter budget. The Treasurer collects income and expenses from Chapter events and activities, tracks the budget, and maintains the financial health of the Chapter. The Treasurer is also responsible for the preparation of financial statements for the Chapter, which are presented to the Board of Directors at each board meeting (for approval).  

SECRETARY (two-year commitment)

The Secretary maintains and is responsible for Chapter records, which include minutes for the past meetings, Chapter Policies and Procedures Manual, Chapter Bylaws, Chapter Annual Strategic Plan, Annual Operating Budget, correspondence, committee reports, and other pertinent information. This role is responsible for attending all Board of Director and Executive Committee meetings and recording minutes at each. The Secretary is also responsible for overseeing the Chapter library.


The Director of Membership plays a key role in actively promoting membership in SMPS. In addition to maintaining an accurate listing of Chapter members, this director is responsible for reaching out to new members to welcome them to the chapter and help get them integrated in our events, researching current membership opportunities, and investigating member retention. Other activities include coordinating and implementing the yearly membership drive, organizing new and prospective member orientations, and driving the mentor program.


The Director of Programs organizes the Chapter’s monthly luncheon programs. These programs typically focus on industry-specific topics involving prominent industry leaders, public officials, media figures, etc., surrounding potential project opportunities and trends. The director and their committee determine program topics and secure speakers for the entire Chapter.


The Director of Education provides market-focused educational programs to members and non-members, marketers and technical staff in the built environment. The monthly educational programs focus around the six Domains of Practice. The Director of Education is also responsible for organizing CPSM study groups, to help members prepare to receive their certifications.


The Director of Special Events is responsible for planning, coordinating and facilitating our Chapter’s most anticipated events: Member Socials, Charity Golf Tournament, Day of Service, and the annual Awards Gala. The Director also orchestrates the annual Marketing Communications and Marketer of the Year Awards programs.


The Director of Sponsorships solicits sponsorship for our organization through opportunities with our annual Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver sponsorship packages, as well as coordinates in-kind sponsorships. They are also responsible for securing sponsors for programs and educations events not included in the annual sponsor packages, as well as special events. The director acts as a liaison to sponsors and is responsible for ensuring that Chapter sponsors receive their established benefits.


The Director of Communications manages internal and external communication of the Utah Chapter. The Director is responsible for publicizing Chapter events and activities via the website and e-mail. Other responsibilities include the design and maintenance of the chapter web site, production of the quarterly newsletter, and promotion of the SMPS Utah Chapter through press releases to local publications to promote events and member accomplishments.

REGIONAL CONFERENCE CHAIR (three-year commitment)

The Regional Conference Chair is responsible for representing the Utah Chapter as part of the Southwest Regional Conference Planning Committee Board. The Chair will accept the role assigned by the Regional Conference Committee. This role, dependent upon if the conference is held locally, could be one of the following: Conference Co-Chair; Site Coordination; Registration; Programs/Speakers; Communications; Social Activities; Sponsorship; or Treasurer/Finance.

REGISTRATION COORDINATION (appointed position, non-voting member)

The Registration Coordinator manages attendee registrations, issues with on-line registration, and handles on-site event coordination, helping to ensure events run smoothly.