Emerging Professionals Group: Making Time for Strategic Communication - Internally AND Externally That Is

June 09, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Zoom conference (a calendar invitation with dial-in information will be sent to all registrants)

As we are all learning quickly as new professionals in this AEC world, most of our firm leaders don't have much of an understanding about where the boundaries of marketing, public relations, and office administration begin and end. So that means it's our job to wave the red flag and call for a strategic step back when these blurry lines lead to missed opportunities or misprioritization. 

Join Communications Consultant, Nicole Marshall as she helps us take a look at the different audiences, internal and external, with whom we are most often interacting and the integrated marketing and public relations channels through which we are communicating our message, whether we're doing it with intention or not. She will help us take a bigger picture view of our role in storytelling on behalf of our firms and ways that we can better identify our best stories to tell, capitalize on unique angles to win the attention of our target audiences, and utilize external channels like media relations, speaking engagements, and content writing to improve the quality of our reach

This meeting is open to Emerging Professional members only.
The Emerging Professionas Group is for SMPS Utah AEC marketers with less than five years of marketing experience in the AEC industry.


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