2021-2022 Board of Directors Call for Nominations

  President-Elect (3-year board commitment)
  Director of Membership
  Director of Programs
  Director of Education
  Director of Communications
  Director of Sponsorship
  Director of Special Events

Eligibility Requirements

  • To be eligible for election as a director, an individual must be a regular or distinguished life member of SMPS in good standing and approved by the nominating committee as of the date of the meeting at which the results of the election are to be announced. No individual may hold more than one directorship at any time nor have served as HQ President.
  • To be eligible for election as president-elect, the individual must have served on the Board of Directors or as a committee chair for the Utah chapter or another SMPS chapter, or on the HQ Board of Directors.
  • To be eligible for election as secretary, the individual shall have strong communication and organizational skills.
  • To be eligible for election as treasurer, the individual shall have at least some basic bookkeeping or business management experience.
  • To be eligible for election as a director, the individual shall have been involved with the respective committee for which the director will be responsible or have comparable committee experience in another organization/association.
  • Directors shall each be elected for a one-year term. The term limit shall be three terms.

  This nominee is eligible for service on the SMPS Utah 2021-2022 Board of Directors

Statement of Candidate's Views and Interests