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These books are all available for loan. Email [email protected] for more information.

A/E/C Marketing Fundamentals Kubal, Miller & Worth Book 
Art's Principles   Book 
Be the Winning Presentation Dena Wyatt Book 
Become a Creative Superhero: How to Boost your Creativity SMPS CD
Beyond Strategic Planning Clare G. Ross, CMC Book
Breakthrough Networking Lillian D. Bjorseth Book
Bold Brand Josh Mills Book
Building Profits in the Construction Industry Michael T. Kubal, Kevin T. Miller & Ronald D. Worth Book
Charting Your Career Path: Opportunities for Professional Service Marketers in the 21st Century Sally A. Handley and Sharyn Yorio Book
CPSM Study Guide Version 3.1 SMPS/CPSM USB Drive
Creating Rainmakers Ford Harding Book
Design Management Brigitte Borja De Mozota Book
Design.  Market.  Grow! Craig Park Book
Does it Work? 10 Principals for Delivering True Business Value in Digital Marketing Shane Atchison, Jason Burby Book
Finding Allies, Building Alliances Mike Leavitt, Rich McKewon Book 
Inside Marketer to Outside Business Developer- The Challenges and Rewards of the Transition SMPS CD
Likeable Social Media Dave Kerpen Book
LinkedIn for Business Brian Carter Book
Markendium: Domain 01 Marketing Research SMPS Book
Markendium: Domain 02 Marketing Planning SMPS Book
Markendium: Domain 03 Client & Businesss Development SMPS Book
Markendium: Domain 04 Proposals SMPS Book
Markendium: Domain 05 Promotional Activity SMPS Book
Markendium: Domain 06 Management SMPS Book
Marketing Handbook for the Design & Construction Professional (3rd Edition) SMPS Book
Marketing in the 21st Century for Design Professionals David A. Stone Book
Marketing Metrics Paul W. Farris, Neil T. Bendle, Phillip E. Pfeifer & David J. Reibstein Book
Persuasive Content is King SMPS CD
Plan It Lisbeth Quebe Book
Positioning For Professionals Tim Williams Book
Powerful Proposals: How to Give your Business the Winning Edge Pugh and Bacon Book
Professional Services Marketing Mike Schultz, John E. Doerr, and Lee W. Frederiksen Book
Professional Services Marketing Articles SMPS Book
Proposal Development Secrets: Win More, Work Smarter, and Get Home on Time Matt Handal Book
Public Speaking Strategies-Empowering Your Staff to Communicate Effectively SMPS CD
Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable Seth Godin Book 
Rain Making:  The Professional's Guide to Attracting New Clients Ford Harding Book
Rain Making: Attracting New Clients No Matter What your Field Ford Harding Book
[re]wired: Selling Your AE Services in a Post-Recession World David A. Stone Book
Riding the Wave Frank A. Stasiowski & Mary DiSanzo Book
Selling the Invisible: A Field Guide to Modern Marketing Harry Beckwith Book
Sink or Swim Faster!    
Social Media in Action Amanda Walter and Holy Berkley Book
Society for Marketing Professional Services  Become a Creative Superhero:  How to Boost Your Creativity SMPS CD
Society for Marketing Professional Services:  Enhance Your Client Relations:  Six A/E/C Myths That Disrupt Marketing and Business Development SMPS CD
Society for Marketing Professional Services:  Measuring Marketing ROI:  Current Trends in the A/E/C/ Industry SMPS CD
Society for Marketing Professional Services:  Motivate and Train Technical Staff to be Effective Business Developers SMPS CD
Take Command. Lessons in Leadership: How to be a First Responder in Business Jake Wood Book
The 85% Solution Linda Galindo Book
The Architecture of Value Craig Park Book
The Blue Book Building & Construction Network:  Guide to Construction Costs The Blue Book Building & Construction Network Book
The Introvert's Secret to Networking SMPS CD
The Magic of Winning Proposals Laura Ricci, MBA Book
The New Strategies Selling Robert B. Miller & Stephen E. Heiman Book
The One-Page Proposal Patrick G. Riley Book
Win More Work: How to Write Winning AEC Proposals Jim Rogers/ACEC Book
Winning Body Language for Sales Professionals Mark Bowden Book
Wired!  How to Crawl Inside Your Client's Mind for Success in Business Development David A. Stone Book

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