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SMPS Domains of Practice: Domain 4 - Proposals and Interviews

SMPS has six Domains of Practice that form the foundation of SMPS’s certification program. Our chapter education events are structured around these knowledge areas and skillsets. The domains cover topics from marketing research to business development to managing a marketing team.

Domain 4 not only covers proposals, but it also includes the development of presentations for shortlist interviews.

If you’ve written a winning proposal, you may be selected for a shortlist interview, where your team will present themselves to the client. This process is more likely to be successful if you’ve strategically prepared your content, practiced for flawless delivery, and rehearsed so that everyone comes across as professional and prepared.

Learn more about the Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) credential. If you’d like to study for and take the exam, contact Linda Hansen (Director of Education) at [email protected]

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