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Congratulations to our newest CPSM, Korinne Bouwhuis!

Join us in congratulating Korinne Bouwhuis for earning her CPSM certification. Korinne leads marketing and business development efforts at InForm Architecture and was the first to take advantage of a chapter reimbursement program.

By earning the CPSM credentials, Korinne has a demonstrated high level of understanding of the essential marketing skills and know-how to distinguish her firm (and herself) to be among the very best in the A/E/C industry.

Earlier this year our chapter announced a special benefit for SMPS Utah members to further education and certification. During 2020 we’re offering a one-time reimbursement for anyone who would like to test to become CPSM certified. In addition, the reimbursement applies to all renewing current CPSM certified members.

Korinne was part of a study group that met twice a month to study the Six Domains of Practice. During the virtual study sessions members reviewed the reading material, important concepts, and key terms to prepare for the 150-question exam. Each session was facilitated by chapter board members, Heidi Nielsen, CPSM, AIGA, and Julee Attig, CPSM.

The study group created not only accountability for studying, but also as a support system for sharing fresh ideas for business challenges (including working from home during a global pandemic!).

After sharing her big news with study group members, Korinne highlighted some lessons learned from studying for, taking, and passing the exam:

  • The time allotted was plenty for me. Long enough that once I finished I reviewed each question and rated if I knew I got it right, thought I got it right, or had no idea. I was hoping that would make waiting for my final score easier.
  • I studied with Quizlet app flashcards I made from the glossaries of Markendium and A/E/C Marketing Fundamentals. In Quizlet, I studied under "learning mode" mostly because it matched my limited attention span, varying questions up here and there.
  • While taking the test, I realized being more disciplined and studying/reading flash cards might have been boring but it also might have helped improve retention. In "learning mode" it's easier to default to quick recognition, and nothing in the test was written in a verbatim, definitional sense, (even though it was the same information).
  • What I thought about doing but was never disciplined or free enough to do was to outline the chapters in more of a note-taking format. I would recommend doing this but understand everyone has a unique learning style.
  • There were very few numbers/statistics questions. There were no multiple-question scenarios, multiple-part items, or case-study type questions.
  • There were several questions taken directly from the online CPSM practice test. Those items are definitely worth knowing with certainty.
  • My results were delivered via email six days after I tested.

Challenged with finding a convenient time to take the exam at local testing centers, Korinne instead took the exam at a testing center outside of Seattle, Washington. It created the perfect opportunity for her to visit Olympic National Park.

Korinne hopes to meet soon with study group members for a celebration (we’re confident more of the group will also pass the test!) and to share more of her testing taking experiences.

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