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Corey Solum, AIA, NCARB, Think Architecture, Inc

How long have you worked at your company? 
I have been at Think Architecture sense the beginning, joining one of the merging firms back in 1997.          

How would you describe your role/job? 
President/CEO and do whatever is needed.

What are the rewards of your job? 
Just about everything. I enjoy the clients, projects, and our team daily.

What are your challenges? 
How to say no.

What has been your most meaningful project? 
This is like asking which of my children I like most, and I have great kids. For me it is the client that defines the project, and I have had a lot of great clients that have led to some very meaningful projects and relationships.

How long have you been an SMPS member? 
I think it is 6 years now.

How has SMPS membership helped you? 
Made me much more in tune with how the general public perceives our services and what our clients are looking for.

What’s the best career advice you’ve received? 
Know when to say no or move on.

What’s the best career advice you’ve given? 
Attitude determines altitude.

What has contributed to your success? 
Just good old fashioned sweat equity. I never would want a client think they did not get more than they paid for.

What’s on your bucket list? 
Travel the world. I really like to travel with my family and friends. They are great companions even when I want to see all the architecture.

What was your childhood dream? 
Be a racecar driver and designer.

Guilty pleasure: what can you not live without? 
Horsepower. I have a little bit of an automobile addiction in addition to work and my wife. I love their design, engineering, and devotion to continuous improvement.

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