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SMPS Southwest Regional Conference Scholarship

Are you ready to take the sting out of your daily marketing grind and get your team swarming with new ideas? The 2018 Southwest Regional Conference will be an exciting, information-packed two days that will help you think creatively and approach problems in new innovative ways.

Now is your chance to win a scholarship for registration (a $435 investment) to the conference held in Salt Lake City on April 11-13.

To be considered, you must be a member of SMPS and the SMPS Utah Chapter. The chapter is offering three scholarships:

  1. CPSM
  2. Emerging Professional (less than five years of experience)
  3. Member

 Entering is easy. Simply answer these three questions:

  • How has SMPS benefited you professionally and personally?
  • What do you hope to gain from attending?
  • What is your commitment to paying it forward to SMPS Utah upon your return from the conference?

Deadline to submit: February 28th

Members of SMPS Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico will review the applications. The scholarship winners will be announced at our March 21st luncheon program.

If you are unable to attend, SMPS Utah reserves the right to award the scholarship to another applicant – so please thoughtfully consider your ability to attend before submitting.

Ready to submit? Click here: SCHOLARSHIP